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Pure Air Essential Oil Blend

Pure Air Essential Oil Blend

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From the dank depths of the diaper pail to the questionable interior of your teen's gym shoes ... nothing stinks quite like your awesome family. But the answer isn't to spew manufactured chemical fragrances through the house ... sweeten your space instead with the pure scent of natural essential oils.

Pure Air essential oil blend has been crafted from the best and most potent odor-erasing natural products. A twist of lemon and lime are combined with the cleansing scent of pine needle, cypress, and citronella and braced on a purifying foundation of antiseptic tea tree essential oil to create a remarkably effective fusion.

Use this blend to protect your family from seasonal and environmental threats ... especially after school and during colder seasons. Diffuse a few drops in the kitchen after an especially odiferous meal, and in the bathroom to make it more inviting for the next patron. Rely on it in any space to clean and purify the air you breath.